What is Mushroom Coffee and What are its Health Benefits?

What is Mushroom Coffee

Mushroom coffee was born during WWII when the Finnish were searching for coffee substitutes as coffee beans weren’t available at that time. China and other Asian countries, however, have previously used mushroom coffee in their traditional medicine. 

What is mushroom coffee? Contrary to what many people believe, mushroom coffee isn’t directly related to the magic mushroom. No, magic mushrooms aren’t in one of the ingredients of mushroom coffee. This means that people who can drink coffee can safely consume this without worrying about adverse health effects. Mushroom coffee is a blend of ground mushrooms and coffee beans, which in combination produces a dark, smooth, and nutty flavor. For many consumers, the taste of the coffee comes as a surprise. Given the health benefits associated with mushroom coffee, there is an expectation that the coffee will taste like medicine when nothing could be further from the truth. In addition, most of the companies that are manufacturing mushroom coffee use coffee flavorings to enhance the experience. In reality, this means that there is very little noticeable difference between the taste of regular flavored coffee and similarly flavored mushroom coffee.


  1. Facts and Myths of Mushroom Coffee
  2. Minerals and Vitamins
  3. Free Radicals
  4. Weight Loss and Cholesterol
  5. Difference Preparing Regular and Mushroom Coffee
  6. Side Effects
  7. How is Mushroom Coffee Made?
  8. Lower Caffeine
  9. Potential Health Benefits of Mushroom Coffee
  10. Are the Health Benefits Legitimate?
  11. Mushroom Type and Benefits

Facts and Myths of Mushroom Coffee

Mushrooms have been chosen to be added to coffee because of the smother flavor they create. This is said, by coffee lovers, to enhance the smooth flavor of the coffee. Coffee contains a number of natural acids. These can cause heartburn and stomach upsets in coffee drinkers. When incorporated into the coffee, the earthy flavor of mushrooms complements the bold, strong roasted coffee beans making for a perfect combination.

Minerals and Vitamins

Mushrooms contain a number of minerals and vitamins, such as copper, selenium, and potassium. These are essential in any diet and are now included in the coffee diet of any coffee enthusisast. They also contribute to healthy bones and improve complications that are commonly associated with the joints.

Free Radicals

Mushrooms are an ideal dietary source of unique sulfur-containing antioxidants such as Glutathione and Ergothioneine. They also contain Geranium. These antioxidants change the way the body deals with oxygen and allow for the removal of free radicals, known to have long-term cancer implications.

Weight Loss and Cholesterol

Mushrooms as part of a healthy alkaline diet have been shown to have weight loss capabilities. In addition, the fact that mushrooms have qualities known to lower cholesterol levels is likely to improve the overall heart health f the individual.

Difference Preparing Regular and Mushroom Coffee

There is no difference between making mushroom coffee and regular coffee. Mushroom coffee comes as an instant coffee and can be mixed with water to have black or have milk and sweeteners added to have a white coffee. When making mushroom coffee, it should be treated as the normal coffee it is.

Side Effects

Despite several pointed comments about side effects and suggested that the packet of mushroom coffee should carry a health warning. There is nothing to suggest that any untoward health effects will occur due to the consumption of mushroom coffee. Nor has there been any suggestion that authorities are planning to implement a requirement of this nature. 

The only exception is in the case of Chaga mushrooms which have been shown to have a blood-thinning effect on the body. This means that if you are already taking a blood thinner, it will pay to run the coffee past your doctor. 

How is Mushroom Coffee Made?

The fruiting bodies of the mushrooms dehydrated before being ground into a powder. The powder is mixed with ground coffee beans to create mushroom coffee.

Lower Caffeine

Mushroom coffee blends typically lower caffeine levels than traditional coffee blends, making it an ideal choice for those with heart problems or pregnant women.

Potential Health Benefits of Mushroom Coffee

There are believed to be many health benefits of mushroom coffee. These health benefits include:

  • Improved immunity
  • Potential for cancer prevention
  • Anti-ulcer
  • Anti-allergenic
  • Reduces cholesterol which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease.

It must be noted that there has been relatively little research regarding the health benefits, and further clinical trials are necessary. 

Are the Health Benefits Legitimate?

Those practicing Chinese medicine have sworn by the effects of mushrooms, which have been incorporated into their medicines for hundreds of years. In fact, the western world is now only just catching up with the benefits that mushrooms offer.

As mushrooms are not a medicine, there are regulations regarding the types f claims that can be made regarding their health qualities and any possible healing powers. The claims made about mushrooms have to fall within Food and Drug Administration guidelines.

Although there are volumes of anecdotal evidence and numerous observations by health professionals, this evidence is not generally accepted to prove scientific causation. Clinical trials are required to prove that the mushrooms have legitimate health benefits to the standard required.

While we are confident in the potential links between mushrooms and their benefits, we cannot categorically state a link.

Mushroom Type and Benefits

The type of mushroom used in the coffee will influence the coffee’s properties and its benefits.

  • Reishi: Boosts immune system, provides energy, reduces stress and anxiety, and aids sleep while restoring tranquility.
  • Lion’s Mane: Focus and clarity, neurological effects, enhances cognitive performance; reduces anxiety and depression.
  • Cordyceps: Boosts exercise performance with anti-aging properties.
  • Chaga: Immune defender and promotes anti-inflammatory response, with antioxidant superpowers.

Shroom SG has blended these different mushroom types to create a range of different products that utilize each mushroom’s various benefits, which have been paired with organic flavors that include Hazelnut, Decaf, French Vanilla, Green Tea, and Regular roast.


Q. What is the Point of Mushroom Coffee?                   

Mushrooms have some unique properties that can be exploited when they are added to coffee. In addition, mushrooms, when combined with coffee, create a unique but enjoyable taste.

Q. What is Mushroom Coffee Made of?

Mushroom coffee will usually contain a powder extract of the mushroom and grounds coffee beans.  A range of different flavorings helps to create a unique coffee taste.                                                             

Q. What Does Mushroom Coffee Taste Like?

Most people agree that mushroom coffee tastes very similar to regular coffee. However, each type of coffee has its own unique flavor. Generally speaking, mushroom coffee is described as dark, smooth, and nutty coffee. Mushroom coffee also tastes just as delicious as normal coffee. 

Shroom SG offers Hazelnut, Decaf, French Vanilla, Green Tea Regular roast flavorings to enhance the taste of its coffees.

Q. Is Shroom SG Coffee Good For You?

The benefits of mushroom coffee should not be underestimated. Although more research is needed to illustrate the clear connection between mushrooms and certain health benefits, research to date suggests several health benefits associated with mushroom coffee.

Shroom SG uses four types of mushrooms. The generally accepted potential health benefits associated with each are as follows:

  • Reshi
    • Boosts immune system
    • Anti-cancer properties 
    • Helps fight fatigue and depression
    • Improves heart health
    • Helps manage blood sugar levels
    • Antioxidant 
  • Lion’s Mane
    • Protection against dementia
    • Relieve mild symptoms of depression and anxiety
    • Reduce recovery time for nervous system injuries
    • Protects against ulcers in the GI tract
    • Reduces heart disease risk
    • Helps manage symptoms of diabetes
  • Cordyceps
    • Boosts exercise performance
    • Anti-aging properties
    • Potential anti-tumor effects
    • Helps manage Type II diabetes
    • Benefits for heart health
    • Fights inflammation
  • Chaga
    • Boost immune system and fight inflammation
    • Prevents and fights cancer 
    • Lowers blood sugar
    • Lowers cholesterol

Q. Is Mushroom Coffee Better Than Regular Coffee?

The health benefits that are associated with mushroom coffee do not seem to be present in normal coffee. In fact, mushroom coffee also enhances normal coffee by reducing the available caffeine, which is known to have a detrimental effect on certain people.

Q. Does Mushroom Coffee Make You High?

No, mushroom coffee does not make you high. Magic mushrooms containing psilocin will make you high, but these mushrooms are not used in mushroom coffee.

Q.Does Mushroom Give You Energy?   

Mushroom coffee that is made with mushrooms, reishi will improve your energy levels. Mushroom coffee is the latest way of experiencing the benefits associated with mushrooms. Although the health benefits cannot be stated with absolute scientific certainty, there is sufficient credible evidence among health practitioners and those practicing in this area that mushrooms offer some considerable benefits to the health of the individual.

Given that most of us have problems remembering to take medicines, taking your daily health supplements when consuming your morning coffee seems to be the perfect scenario. The true benefits of mushrooms are still be unlocked, so further enhancements to the mushroom coffee product list should be expected in the future.

Next time you are in your local store, pick up a Shroom OG Mushroom Coffee; we guarantee you will not be disappointed.   

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