Why Am I so Tired Today? 10 Reasons Why You Always Feel Tired

10 Reasons Why You Always Feel Tired

We’ve all been there on a Monday morning. You wake up exhausted, despite having gone to sleep, and you spend the rest of the day wondering how not to feel tired in the same way tomorrow.

This can become a vicious cycle if you don’t approach solutions soon. There are several reasons why you might be feeling tired, as well as many more ways to mitigate them.

We’ve outlined 10 of the most likely and most common reasons why you’re feeling so tired. We’ve also added some tips on how to stop being tired in the future, once you’ve figured out your personal issue.

That way, you can rest easy tonight after reading through this post.


  1. You are not giving your body enough energy in the day
  2. You are boosting with the wrong kind of energy
  3. You are keeping your brain too active at night
  4. You are not keeping a balanced diet
  5. You are getting too much sleep
  6. You are drinking excessive amounts of alcohol before bed
  7. You are ill
  8. You are not spending enough time outdoors
  9. You are not controlling the temperature in your bedroom
  10. You are not keeping your body zen balanced

1. How to Stop Being Tired: You Are Not Giving Your Body Enough Energy in the Day

If you’re asking why am I so tired lately, chances are it’s because your body isn’t getting enough energy in the day.

This is what can make us feel lethargic, as our body is running on empty. We need energy to keep operating at our best and to ensure we’re working through the day.

If you’re wondering how can I boost my energy, you first need to consider eating more healthily. But there are also several energy-boosting products you should try.

Consider Coffee mixed with reishi, which can give you the healthy energy boost you need to see you through the entire day.

2. You Are Boosting With the Wrong Kind of Energy

Another reason why you might be asking yourself why am I so tired today could be because you’re boosting your body with the wrong kind of energy. Not all energy-boosting products are made equally.

If you’re using energy drinks to conquer your tiredness, it’s not going to be the right solution. You’ll likely notice a drop off in your concentration once the drink itself wears off. This can be a reason why you’re asking yourself why have I been so tired lately?

There are also several side effects to drinking energy drinks that could impact your body negatively, including your sleep.

You should focus more on healthier, natural energy-boosting products to mitigate this and stop you from asking why am I so tired lately again.

3. Why am I Constantly Tired? You Are Keeping Your Brain Too Active at Night

The secret to feeling less tired in the day is to get a good night’s sleep at night.

But the issue many of us face, particularly in today’s fast-paced world, is an inability to switch off. If you’re still thinking about work in bed or looking at your phone, there’s no way your body can relax.

It can be helpful to have a soothing tea before you go to bed, provide there’s no caffeine involved. This can help you to relax your brain and switch off before you get some well-deserved rest.

4. You Are Not Keeping a Balanced Diet

We mentioned this briefly above, but keeping a healthy diet impacts our body more than we know. It can be a strong approach when asking the question of how to not feel tired.

If we’re eating too much fatty, processed food, it can cause our bodies to become sluggish and unresponsive. This can then make us feel tired throughout the day, as we need fiber, nutrients, and other natural sugars that our body isn’t getting.

You should consider creating a meal plan or changing the food you purchase in your weekly shop. Making these incremental changes can be good first steps to ensuring you change the way you eat.

You should also remember to consume natural foods as much as possible, rather than anything that’s been overly processed.

5. Why Have I Been so Tired Lately: You Are Getting Too Much Sleep

This point may come as a surprise, but it’s possible to get too much sleep each night which can then make you ask why am I so tired today as the day progresses.

A good way to combat this is to let natural light into your room.

You should also consider an energy booster in the morning if you’re struggling to get out of bed. This can give you that extra push you need to grab your shower early and start the day well before you intended.

Certain coffees are better than others for this. You should look for a coffee that promotes superior focus and clarity for your body.

This can ensure you’re naturally becoming more alert in the morning, and that you’re not sleeping in and becoming overtired as a result.

6. You Are Drinking Excessive Amount of Alcohol Before Bed

We all like to have a drink of alcohol now and then, whether it’s a small glass of wine or a pint of beer with our friends. But drinking too much alcohol is a surefire way to disrupt your sleeping patterns. This can be a major reason why you keep asking yourself why am I constantly tired?

For starters, you’re likely to be staying up late if you’re drinking a lot. This has the effect of disrupting your sleeping patterns and biological clock which is a problem.

But there’s also the fact that alcohol naturally dehydrates your body. This can leave you waking up feeling tired, even though you’ve had a long rest.

The best thing to do if you’re not sleeping well and drinking a lot is to cut the alcohol out. Even if this doesn’t completely solve your sleeping problem, it will likely positively impact your health in other ways.

7. Why Am I so Tired Lately? – You Are Ill

If you’re thinking about how to stop feeling tired, there are occasions where feeling tired may be a good thing. Often, it may not be behavioral fixes that can change the way we sleep. Sometimes it’s the fact that we’re feeling unwell, and our body is telling us to rest.

If this is the case, you should always try to see a medical professional first. They’ll be able to diagnose exactly what’s wrong with you and prescribe something to solve it.

But you should also consider ways that you can prevent illness in the future.

Drinking immuno-boosting drinks can help to prepare your body for any potential attacks of illness. The stronger your immune system is, the less likely illness will impact your sleep.

8. You Are Not Spending Enough Time Outdoors

This is an issue that many of us have faced over the past year. If our bodies don’t get enough sunlight, we can start to feel malnourished or tired as a result. This is why you could be asking why have I been so tired lately.

That means that if we’re spending too much time indoors, it can have a negative impact on our sleep patterns.

If you live, sleep and work in the same area all the time, it can cause you to burn out. This then naturally makes you feel exhausted and in need of a change.

You should make sure to venture outside at least a few times a week, even if it’s only for a walk in the park. This can have a lasting effect on your health and your sleep in the future.

9. You Are Not Controlling the Temperature in Your Bedroom

Another thing you can do to try and get more sleep is to control the temperature in your bedroom. If we’re too hot whilst we sleep, our bodies aren’t comfortable.

The same applies if your body is feeling too cold. You’ll likely toss and turn more in bed, which can be disruptive and lead you to ask why am I so tired today?

This disruption can prevent you from entering into REM, which is where our body is properly able to recharge. You should invest in a heating or air conditioning unit if you find yourself sleeping in a room that’s too hot or too cold.

This may be the solution that stops you from asking the question why am I constantly tired all the time?

10. How to Not Feel Tired: You Are Not Keeping Your Body Zen Balanced

Zen balancing is one way of thinking about how to calm your body and keep it in sync with your mind. This is another area where the business of everyday life has a negative impact on our sleep patterns.

There are certain things you can eat or drink that can help to keep your body better in tune with your mind. You should also consider breathing or relaxation exercises.

You can do these as you wake up, or as you’re about to sleep. They can then calm you, and will hopefully help you to enter into a deeper sleep.

Where Can I Find Out More?

You should hopefully now know how to stop being tired throughout the day and how to not feel tired overall. There are a number of practical solutions to the sleep problem and how to not be tired, no matter what your situation might be.

If you’re interested in trying energy-boosting drinks, make sure to try out one of our subscription models. These are designed to ensure you receive all the coffee and tea you need to keep you going each and every month.


How Can I Stop Feeling Sleepy?

You can stop feeling sleepy by changing your behavior patterns throughout the day. It can also help to invest in energy-boosting products.

Why Do I Feel Sleepy All Day?

You may feel sleepy all day due to a number of different reasons. Many of the reasons you might be feeling sleepy in the day have been outlined above.

How Can I Boost My Energy?

You can boost your energy throughout the day by investing in energy-boosting drinks. Drinking energy-boosting coffee or tea is a natural, proven way to give your body the energy it needs to keep moving.

What Are the 3 Types of Fatigue?

1. Transient fatigue – This is acute fatigue that can be brought on by an extreme lack of sleep, or excessive hours awake, in a 1 or 2 day period

2. Cumulative Fatigue – This is fatigue that has accumulated through several small incidents of sleep restrictions or extended hours awake over several days

3. Circadian Fatigue – This is fatigue that happens naturally during the circadian hours of the day, typically referred to as the time between 2 am to 6 am

How Can I Fall Asleep In 10 Seconds?

It is challenging to fall asleep in a timeframe as limited as 10 seconds. But to fall asleep as quickly as possible, you should relax your facial muscles.

Then, release tension in your shoulders and exhale. Relax your legs, and clear your mind, trying not to focus on the idea of falling asleep.

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